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Overcoming Satan's Lies: God's Truths to Live By

Are you ready to embark on a journey of victory and purpose in Christ? Pastor Ken, in the first week of our sermon series Seize the Lion, reminded us that Satan's lies are constantly trying to hold us back from God's truth. But we can take heart! We have a powerful weapon in the Word of God to combat the enemy's deceitful whispers. In response to an overwhelming positive reception to Pastor Ken's message, we've compiled a chart of the most common lies that Satan tries to use to derail us, along with the powerful truth of God's Word that dispels those lies. Let this chart serve as a devotional, reminding us of God's promises, empowering us to live in the truth, and helping us overcome every obstacle in our path. Remember, this is just the beginning of our journey towards a life of victory and purpose in Christ. Let's seize the lion and take hold of the life God has called us to!

Questions to Reflect On:
  1. Which of these lies do you find yourself believing the most? Why do you think that is?

  2. What truth from God's Word do you find most comforting or empowering in this chart?

  3. Can you share a time when you overcame a lie from Satan by holding onto God's truth? What was that experience like?

  4. How can we encourage each other to stay rooted in God's Word and resist the enemy's lies?

  5. What is one practical step you can take this week to overcome a specific lie and live in the truth of God's Word?

  6. In what ways can we support and hold each other accountable as we strive to live in the truth and seize the lion together?

  7. What in your life should be included?

We're reminded of the power of God's Word to dispel the lies of the enemy and empower us to live in truth. It's easy to believe the whispers of Satan and become discouraged or disheartened, but we don't have to stay stuck in that place. We have access to the ultimate source of truth, and we can stand on the promises of God's Word to overcome every obstacle and seize the lion that God has called us to.

Let's continue to hold fast to the truth, encourage one another in faith, and seek God's guidance as we walk in victory and purpose. Remember, this chart is just the beginning of the journey. Let's keep pressing forward, trusting in the promises of God and seizing every opportunity to live out the abundant life that He has for us.

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