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Kids and adults have lots of questions about Jesus.  Jesus was the most important person who ever lived so it's totally normal to have some questions!  This series will seek to answer some of the common questions about Jesus and bring kids closer to understanding the amazing character of Christ.

Lesson One

Who is jesus?

Lesson Two

Did Jesus Have Real human problems?

Watch as Ms. Heidi looks to "The Guy with all the Answers," to discover who Jesus really is!

lesson three 

did Jesus really come back from the dead?

Did Jesus really come back from the dead?  Watch as Ms. Heidi checks in with the Man with All the Answers to find out!

The "Guy with all the answers" is back!  He looks a little different this week!  Also, welcome Ms. Adrianne!

Lesson four 

where is jesus now?

Watch as Ms. Polly finds out where Jesus is now!

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