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Thanks for being a valued part of this church!  Consistent strategic branding allows us to live beyond our Sunday.


With the popularity of the internet and social media platforms like instagram -  graphics allow us use technology to influence more people for Jesus beyond our walls!

How to Get into clickup

CMS uses clickup you NEED to be invited and confirmed in your email address to access everything.  


look for an email that looks like this

Confirm that email and "accept the invite"

CMS Email

Find the "shared with me" space that looks like this

CMS Screenshot

Here's a video if you can't find where it is

Graphics takes about 2 weeks

Creative art is very subjective.  Although Church Media Squad (CMS) can get you the graphics in about 5 business days it does take another week for it to be perfect.  As we're trying to achieve a culture of excellence strive to work ahead and strategize with your calendar.

How to submit a design

CMS uses clickup to organize their projects and communicate. It's the only way to utilize their services.  Clickup is available through your browser and has a mobile and desktop app as well.  Go to to start your design!

Watch this: Training video


Main Goal: Look for this on

Design Request Form.jpg

Main Goal: communicate with this

Status Update.jpg
Click UP.jpg

Don't get it? Watch that video!

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