Painting Project

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

We're exited to announce we will be updating the paint color of our church from tan to a more modern and neutral greige (the same color as the our main worship area). This includes the welcome center, conference room, library, restrooms, nursery, and cry room. Painting will begin on August 2nd and will be completed by the weekend.

There will be some volunteers helping move books and some other shelving starting on July 26th to prepare for painting. We will need help in preparing for the painters (moving things) and resetting up prior to service. If you're interested and available would you let us know?

Additionally we will be:

Donating Our Envelope System

  • In some careful evaluation we will be donating the large wooden envelope system in front of the restroom to Goodwill (however email to arrange a time to pick up by noon on Tuesday July 27th)

  • As large as the structure is there's currently 3 slots being used (an Avon catalog, unmarked "junk mail" that doesn't belong anyone a card, and some notes). The one slot that does have things in it we'll hold for the person and/or mail it. Our lost and found slot has items there for the past three months now (we'll be donating these items).

  • With the ease of phones, emails, texting, social media and other touch points it's much easier to communicate and coordinate passing of information instead of relying on something that takes so much space.

Evaluating our library

  • As suggested by our wonderful librarians we will be evaluating our library use the next few weeks to see what our next steps are for our books in our library

  • We absolutely love resources however there are so many resources available that's easily accessible online and through the local library as shown through the lack of usage of the library books through the years

  • Ideally we would like to design the space to support small groups that are meeting there by having an inviting "living room" feel to invite more open discussions, comfort, and community

  • For now, we will be removing the books, bookshelves, and other things on the wall to paint. During put back we will evaluate and at minimum pare down our resources

  • Any items that we are removing from the library will be open to anyone on a first come first serve basis and then the rest will be donated to Goodwill

  • We would love for the remaining bookshelves to be painted white however one of our educators said that through experience questioned the longevity of the paint and suggested that it'll be less of a hassle and cheaper to purchase some bookshelves that are white

Everything we do is for us to help people find new hope through Jesus. That's either through us equipping the mission team through discipleship and workshops to help share the Gospel or for us creating an inviting space for our guests who have yet to know Jesus. We see it as a wise investment in the Kingdom to create a space that is welcoming for others and also that supports our small groups.

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