Message from Molly Johnson

Molly would like to share a personal message to thank New Hope and everyone who's been supporting her journey. Please take a listen to this touching message here (.mp3 file).

You can support her with continued prayers, messages, and also financially through her GoFundMe.

From Molly's GoFund Me:

Molly Johnson is a passionate educator, wife and mother, and devoted member of her community. She has recently been diagnosed with ALS, which has taken away her mobility and crippled her family financially. She is asking for support back from her community in this time of need.

First and foremost, Molly is an educator. She loves her students, and is at her happiest when she gets to work with and connect with her kids. Kids always come first, and Molly will do whatever, wherever she is needed. She has been a part of the faculty at Val Vista Lakes Elementary, Greenfield Elementary, Towne Meadows Elementary, Islands Elementary, and Playa del Ray Elementary, where she has been a cafeteria worker, teacher's aid, para educator, and SPED teacher.

Molly is also an active member of New Hope Community Church. For the past decade, she has done what she can to be there for her church community by acting as a greeter before services, participating in a prayer group called Care Ministry, and participating in a number of other church groups and activities. New Hope Community Church has been incredibly supportive following her diagnosis, offering kind words, prayers and even helping Molly and her family move into a first-floor apartment.

During quarantine, Molly endeavored to be more healthy and more active. She changed her diet, started exercising and even lost 80 pounds! However, at the start of the year, she started losing strength in one of her arms. What began with a weak grip, quickly spread to the rest of her limbs. Within 4 months, she has lost almost all mobility and has been left bedridden. Many tests were conducted to diagnose the cause of the degeneration. After everything else was ruled out, what Molly feared most became her reality. She had been diagnosed with ALS.

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